f e b r u a r y

soooooo, I seem to be just a bit behind on my goal to post photos from each month. But I still intend to forge ahead, just slightly behind schedule. So, let's take a trip back in time a few months to February.

MORE SNOW!!! Oh, so much snow! Thankfully, I was not caught out on the roads during the insanity that was dubbed snowpocalypse 2014. So, I actually enjoyed being "trapped" at home. Reggie has decided he loves sliding around on the ice, and taking his neighborhood walks leash-less. So we were pretty excited for a second round of snow days. Callie (Reggies boxer cousin...AKA "Hypegirl") also came to stay with us for an entire week! Reggie was especially pumped about this.

Perhaps it was all of the snow, but I seem to have been in a monochromatic mood...judging by the photos I snapped. Also, Callie looks AMAZING in black and white! This is a small sampling of my February photos: