A Fairy Fiesta!

A couple months ago, my amazing niece, Olivia, turned 4 years old!  My sister-in-law threw her the most amazing Fairy party and asked me to photograph the gathering of tiny fairies.  Aside from the extreme humidity and the threat of rain, the party was perfect in every way.  First of all, if it is not every photographers dream to photograph a big group of 4 year old girls decked out in full fairy gear, it should be! I'm telling you, I have never seen so many perfect photo opportunities in my life!  Even if I had about 3 clones of myself running around with cameras, I would not have captured all of the precious moments.  

The entire backyard was decorated with fairy wings, wrapped in netting, and strewn with "fairy loot" for the guests to find.  The girls got to munch on fairy fruit kabobs, and beautifully decorated cupcakes and a handmade cake in the shape of a fairy village.  The favorite activity for the little winged-ones was a multitude of colorful tea sets....with REAL fairy tea! <which was actually some magical mixture of strawberry soda and something else...> The girls LOVED pouring tea into each others tea cups.  

Here are a select few of the images from the afternoon.....