m a r c h

Moving right along into March. Much of March was spent shooting for the Inman Park Festival. I went back to my collage roots, and spent a lot of time taking photos around my neighborhood. I made several "panoramas" out of multiple images. I put them together in Photoshop, but didn't do any blending or image stitching.

Levi (Reggie's BFF) came over for dinner alot, and brought Julie along, too, so we could watch the Good Wife and to get his picture taken while furiously chewing on one of the bajillion nylabones that are strewn about my house. 

PS the images from the Inman Park Festival are for sale in my Etsy Print Shop! Any one of them would look dynamite in your home ;)

f e b r u a r y

soooooo, I seem to be just a bit behind on my goal to post photos from each month. But I still intend to forge ahead, just slightly behind schedule. So, let's take a trip back in time a few months to February.

MORE SNOW!!! Oh, so much snow! Thankfully, I was not caught out on the roads during the insanity that was dubbed snowpocalypse 2014. So, I actually enjoyed being "trapped" at home. Reggie has decided he loves sliding around on the ice, and taking his neighborhood walks leash-less. So we were pretty excited for a second round of snow days. Callie (Reggies boxer cousin...AKA "Hypegirl") also came to stay with us for an entire week! Reggie was especially pumped about this.

Perhaps it was all of the snow, but I seem to have been in a monochromatic mood...judging by the photos I snapped. Also, Callie looks AMAZING in black and white! This is a small sampling of my February photos: 


A Walk in the Park

If there was an award for "Most Laid Back & Easy Family to Photograph", it would go to the Turanos, hands down! Starting with a stroll through Cabbagetown to the park, and ending on their colorful porch, this session resulted in some really great captured moments. Abby & Stephan are long time friends, so I was honored and excited when they asked me to take some family portraits for them. And Parker has most definitely inherited their go-with-the-flow attitudes. She was such the cool-girl baby model, despite her determination to eat some grass, that I had too many great photos to choose from! For those of you who have ever photographed small children, you know how rare that is. Thanks, Parker!   


I LOVE being a freelance photographer, and can't believe how awesome it is that I am able to do what I do. But somewhere along the way, my calendar filled up with amazing client work opportunities, my camera bag got so heavy that I stopped carrying it with me, and I let my personal photography slide into the background. When I do shoot for myself, the photos end up sitting on a harddrive untouched and unshared. I am now armed with a Fuji X-Pro1, and it literally feels like a weight is taken off my shoulders! I can carry it with me in my purse, and even on my walks with Reggie. 

This year I am making an effort to shoot more personal work. I am setting a goal for myself, and for this blog, to get back to the basics. Documenting the little details of life is what made me fall in love with photography in the first place. I don't just mean taking pictures of everything I'm doing just to be taking pictures, although there will be a little of that! I am treating this as an exercise in self discovery. My style as an artist has always been a moving target. I spent many years fighting against that and trying to pick one path, but I am now embracing my wandering interests and seeing where they will take me. Lately, I have been drawn to the textures, colors and details of my everyday surroundings. 

So, let me stop rambling and show you some of the photos I shot in January (I know, I'm already behind!) Clearly, there will be tons of Reggie pictures...but he is the apple of my eye! This month was filled with snow, neighborhood explorations, and an impromptu beach trip.


pinterest night with gina sims

If I haven’t yet thanked my sister-in-law for introducing me to Gina Sims (Gina Sims Designs), please remind me to do so right away! This woman is a constant source of fantastic ideas, crazy cool designs, hilarious stories, and the most enthusiastic smiles you’ve ever seen. Plus, she is always willing and able to volunteer her lovely family to model for my photography needs. 

Recently, Gina invited me to join her and some friends for my very first Pinterest Night. Wine, crafting and donuts....what could be better than that! The rules of Pinterest Night state that if it is your turn to host, you get to pick the project and gather up the necessary supplies. Everyone else brings something to eat or drink. Wine, donuts and crafting....seriously, I ask you...what could be better? And thanks to the good fortune to have scheduled this party on National Donut Day, we were quite surrounded by Krispy Kremes. RheaAnne co-hosted with Gina and her porch made for the perfect summer evening location. The projects for this night were photo magnets and bird nest pendants

Rhea-Anne demonstrated the bird nest pendants for us. And made it look so easy! Some of the ladies made pendants with a bead to represent each of their children. They were pretty darn cute and would make great, thoughtful gifts. I had grand plans to make mine with a large single bead. I found a large mustard color bead that I would would look great wrapped in silver wire. But, as it turns out, wire wrapping is NOT a skill that I naturally posses. My pendant looked a little bit wonky and hilarious. I was so sad because everyone else’s looked fantastic! 

 I had much better luck with the photo magnets. I had printed out a few pages of my photos scaled down to 1 inch. Gina showed us how to use the glass beads as a template to cut the photos into tiny circles. Then glue the photos to the flat side of the bead and glue the magnet to the back of the photo and VOILA! Tiny photo magnets! These were so simple and quick to make, but you still end up with something that you would want to display and doesn’t scream “homemade craft project”. I want to make a million of these! «hint: you may a variation of these in my etsy store one day»

This night was just what I needed. Aside from the lovely creations I got to make, I had such a great time meeting this hilarious group of ladies. And learned that Gina used to be a miniature donkey wrangler! I swear, that girl is FULL of fun surprises. Making things with my own two hands and being around other creative people is something that I absolutely need to stay inspired. I can’t wait until the next Pinterest Party! 

Check out Gina Sims Designs to be inspired by the many, many talents of this multi-talented woman. In addition to bringing artists and friends together, Gina is also a decorator, photo stylist, party maker, fashion innovator and all around inspiring creative force.

a tiny taste of Old Car City

Yesterday, Courtney and I took a day-trip up to Old Car City in White, GA. I heard about it from a woman browsing my photos at the Inman Park Festival. We were talking about the Metal print of an Old Chevy that I had displayed, and she told me that if I liked old cars, I needed to head on up to Old Car City! Of course! I can't believe that I've never heard of it before! Hundreds upon hundreds of old cars (duh) rusting in the woods. Stacked on top of each other, slowly being consumed by nature. Plus lots of hand painted signs with some good old homespun wisdom are dotted along the trails.

And the best part - according to me - is the art gallery of the owner of Old Car City. Hundreds of styrofoam drink cups are on display, each one meticulously illustrated with ball point pen and displayed. The worst part were the 2 ticks that we found on the way home! Such a cool place...I will definitely be back. Plus, we got to eat at Cracker Barrel....you know, "when in rome!"

I will be posting many more photos and details from this photo-venture soon...but for right now, I just wanted to give a little teaser post. I just can't resist! 

a man and his dog

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the bond between a person and their dog. Every time that I come home, Reggie (my pup) greets me excitedly at the door then quickly hops up on the couch waiting for me to sit down next to him. Then he procedes to lay the front half of his body across my lap and hold his face up so we are nose to nose and wag, wag, wag his tail. It is the same almost everytime I walk in the door. I love this little ritual, and we have so many more! These are the kinds of moments I would love to be able to capture for people. My brother, Matt and his dog, Callie were the first that I aimed my lens at.

Locks of Love @ Shear Love

A few weeks ago, Shear Love (my very favorite salon!) hosted a whole day of Locks of Love. Locks of Love provides hair pieces for children suffering from long-term medical hair loss who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. On February 13th, Shear Love offered free haircuts and 20% off color to anyone with over 10" of hair to donate. On a typical day, Shear Love is overflowing with creative style...from the candy striped entry, to the walls covered with pieces from local artists, it is unlike any other salon. For Locks of Love day, the Shear Love crew had the shop dripping in handmade heart chains, candy hearts and white chocolate dipped fortune cookies covered in red sparkles. And even PeeWee had a friend over to play with...if you've never met PeeWee, get over to Shear Love immediately and give him a snuggle. Sadly, I missed the evening festivities...but here are some of the photos from earlier in the day. 


my kind of business plan

One of my big goals for the new year is to focus on my etsy shop. I have one now, but it is not impressive, by any standards. I am excited about this project because it will give me a chance to show people my personal work, and hopefully put lots of it in peoples homes and businesses all over the world! (Hey, if you're gonna dream, dream big!). I have also made a goal to get some of my work up around town, and to have a booth in the Inman Park Festival this year. But, back to the Etsy shop plans. I really want to do this right, and have a plan and a vision for it...instead of just throwing it together really fast like I did before. 

My first step is to work on a business plan (sort of). Basically, I want to have direction, focus, a clear style and a plan to spread the word once it is launched. The problem is that writing a standard business plan sounds like torture to me. I prefer to sketch out ideas, tear out inspiring photos from magazines, hop from one idea to another, spread things out around me so I can see them all, experiment and play....I think in pictures, in color palettes, designs, that kind of thing. So, I am using "The Right-Brain Business Plan" by Jennifer Lee as my guide to get started! My first step is to create my vision boards. 

Here are some "in-progress" pics.....stay tuned for more!